Sky Chalet Mountain Top Lodge

A Bed and Breakfast Cabin Inn with Delightful Views !

Sky Chalet Mountain Lodge - Ginger, enjoying the outdoors and playing in the snow Sky Chalet Moutain Lodge - R.J., enjoying the indoors while demonstrating one of her favorite pastimes: lounging around
Sky Chalet Mountain Lodge resident dog and cat.

Ginger, enjoying the outdoors and playing in the snow and R.J., enjoying the indoors while demonstrating a favorite pastime, lounging around.

The key to your getaway in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia !

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Sky Chalet Mountain Lodge
and Property -

Excellent Location with Spectacular, Breathtaking Views!

Sky Chalet Mountain Lodge


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Sky Chalet Mountain Lodge
and Property -

Excellent Location with Spectacular, Breathtaking Views!

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Pet Amenities Pet Policies

"Set in a quiet, rustic area the lodge is within hiking distance......................................And continental breakfast is served with dog treats, natch."
The Washington Post-The Source-PetSet-June 8, 2003

Most pets welcome at Sky Chalet Mountain Lodge;
pets not accepted at the House Over the Pond.

At Sky Chalet Mountain Top Lodge, many of our guests bring their pet to enjoy a getaway also. One guests even told us that they came to stay for a few days, "because their dog asked to go on vacation." And its no wonder, as the pets seem to enjoy the Sky Chalet Mountain Top Lodge and the surrounding areas. Below are listed the top ten amenities pets enjoy:

Pet Amenities

Pets receive a delivered treat each morning included in the delivered continental breakfast basket.
The area around the lodge is secluded with woods and open spaces for running, playing, and chasing rabbits. There is as "ski" trail from the Sky Chalet Mountain Top Lodge to the top of the ski lift at Bryce Resort.

There are nearby hiking trails such as the George Washington Nation Forest and Shenandaoh National Park.

There is nearby swimming such as Lake Laura and the Shenandoah River.

Pets can relax knowing that the innkeepers welcome pets as they themselves have a cat, R.J., and in the past, owned many other cats; some that they fondly remember are Scrapper,a fiesty stray that was a Hemingway cat, and Shadow, a drop off cat that adored all people,and they in turn, adored her. R.J.,from one of Scrapper's litters, is a 20 years old cat, has some delcining health, but sometimes still acts likes she is still in her youth.
Also, they owned three golden retrievers in the past; Whiskey, Brandy, and Thunder,, all with their own unique personalities. They have adopted a "pound" puppy, Ginger. Ginger is 2-3 years old, and is a golden lab mix. She is #1 as playing ball, and is quite possibly the sweetest dog in the world!

The Innkeeper's children, Moriah and Kenneth, love to play with and pet friendly guests pets, with pet owner's permission.

Pets appreciate the quiet and tranquility of being in the country.

Pets breathe the clean, mountain fresh air.

Pets finally get their owners all to themselves without the hassles of jobs and other duties to divert their attention.

Pets relax in a mountaintop lodge knowing that those doggone chores at home can just wait.

We appreciate that most pet owners are very responsible with their pets and are considerate of other guests. Below are listed our pet guidelines:

Pet Policies

Advance notice and number of pets required when making reservation.

Appropriate pet fee will be applied:

Fees - Non-refundable:

One night-$15.00 per pet.
Two nights-$20.00 per pet.
Three nights-$25.00 per pet.
Four nights or more - An additional discount will be applied.

We welcome well behaved cats.

We welcome well behaved dogs except Rotwilers, Dobermans, Pitt Bulls or any other perceived overly aggressive dog.

Dogs must be controled so they do not chase or harm other guests cats.

Pets must be house-broken, flea-free, and no contagious illnesses or illnessess causing damage to lodge.

Dogs must be well behaved and on leash when appropriate.

Dogs must not be excessive "barkers" and must not disturb other guests.

Pets must not be left in room alone unless crated and must not do excessive barking or meowing.

Pets must not do damage to premises by chewing, scratching, soiling, etc.

Guests are responsbile to clean up outside after their pets uses the "bathroom."

Guests must bring litter box, supplies and food for their pets.

Guests must inform innkeepers of any "bathroom accidents" incurred by pets inside lodge.

Guest are responsible for any costs incurred by the pet or as a result of the pet to the lodge or premises.

In an violation occur, and guests decide to leave the lodge before their agreed departure date of if lodge requests that the guests leave before their agreed departure date, there will be no refunds, and guests will be responsible for full amount of reservation.

We ask that pets be bathed and brushed prior to visit.

We ask that pet owner bring pets favorite clean blanket for pet, as pets are not allowed to lie on furniture or beds.

Pets #1 Pet Peeve: Owner leaving them home on a great vacation !