Sky Chalet Mountain Top Lodge

A Bed and Breakfast Cabin Inn With Breathtaking Views !

The Innkeeper Family - Ken and Mona Lesa Seay, daughter-Moriah, son-Kenneth-(Bubba)
and Ginger dog and R.J. cat

The key to your getaway in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia !

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Sky Chalet Mountain Lodge
and Property -

Excellent Location with Spectacular, Breathtaking Views!

Sky Chalet Mountain Lodge


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Sky Chalet Mountain Lodge
and Property -

Excellent Location with Spectacular, Breathtaking Views!

History of Sky Chalet Mountain Top Lodge

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It was in 1936 that two German couples were led by Joseph Lonas up the dirt road to the top of the mountain ridge known as the "Supin Lick Ridge" in the Shenandoah Valley. It was the steep back side of this ridge that became notoriously known as the "Orkney Grade." Joe continued leading the couples along the ridge only a few hundred yards away from the road to a site perfectly situated and suited for a summer home styled after their beloved "the old country." After giving them some time to take in the magnificient views, Joe broke the silence by boldly proclaiming "Up here you'll never be caught in the rain." "Why is that?" one of the Germans questioned. "Why, you'll see it coming afar off!" Joe replied with a grin and a twinkle in his eye.

The two German couples, named Hightman and Huff, bought the mountain top property and had it deeded for the first time, as originally it had been a grant from the King of England to the Lonas family. The Hightman's and Huff's began building their dream summer home. However, Mr. Huff died during the early phases of construction. Therefore, the plans of a summer home changed into building an inn, thereby fulfilling a need for the widow Huff of occupying her time and generating income.

Mr. and Mrs. Hightman and Mrs. Huff first built a small cabin with two living quarters where they lived while they focused on building the large multileveled inn. The main building or "Old Lodge" was built in 1937 and appropriately named "Sky Chalet, for you truly feel as though you are in the sky from this building. The architecture of this building reflects its first owners and builders for it has a European/Bavarian/Swiss style throughout. Another building for accommodations was added in the 1940's called the Ridge Lodge. They operated Sky Chalet until selling it in 1948 to Mr. and Mrs. Jospeh Wright. Not much is known of what happened to the German enterpreuners, but it is thought that they returned to Europe after World War II was over.

Joseph and Elizabeth Wright of Norfolk, VA purchased Sky Chalet in 1948 and continued operating the inn. Joe Wright repaired clocks and had an outstanding collection of clocks, which were quite interesting to their guests. Joe died in the 1950's and Elizabeth continued operating Sky Chalet until 1979. Many guests to this day fondly remember Elizabth Wright's special touches and warm demenor. She rang the large, outside "dinner bell" for guests promptly at 8:00 a.m., 12 noon, and 6:00 p.m., and menus were not available. Mrs. Wright planned and prepared her full course, delectable country meals and served them family style. There was not a bar, but guests were allowed to bring their "toddys", for medicinal purposes, of course!

The Wright's added another building for accommodations in the 1950's. Originally, this building housed bedrooms and a large living room with fireplace that was used for informal social gatherings. Mrs. Wright lived in a bedroom in the 1937 Old Lodge building, but eventually moved into the main level of this 1950's building, and therefore, it has earned its name "the Wright House." Even though some later operators of the inn, renamed the building "the Summit Lodge", everyone still fondly calls it the "Wright House." Around 1970, a 3 story building for accommodations was added which had the newest building trend - "a loft." This building was appropriately called the "Loft House." Today it is also referred to as the "A-Frame" or the "Treetop Lodge." Mrs. Wright operated Sky Chalet for 31 years, most of that time as a widow. With her health failing, she and her son, Robert Simpson, sold Sky Chalet in 1979 to the Seay family of Virginia Beach, VA.

Ken Seay, Jr., a builder, who was born and raised in Virginia Beach, loved the mountains even more than the ocean! Ken had visited the mountains of the Shenandoah Valley many times, and eventually moved there. He set up business building many unique homes at Bryce Resort, Massanutten Resort, and Wintergreen Resort. Ken visited Mrs. Wright many times through the years, and loved the mystique and beauty of Sky Chalet since he had first come to the Shenandoah Valley. Through the endeavors of Ken, Jr., the Seay family of Virginia Beach, Ken, Sr. and Myra, and their four sons purchased Sky Chalet in 1979.

Later, Ken, Jr. married a native of the Shenandoah Valley, Mona Lesa Moomaw. Mona Lesa, being a "local" really did not have much purpose in visiting Sky Chalet through the years as Sky Chalet was to give people traveling from a long distance a place to vacation. However, once when she was very, very young, relatives took her there just to see the views. Her memories of Sky Chalet at such an early age were dim, except she could still remember going up a lane, and looking out at a breathtaking view from the verhandah. The views at Sky Chalet truly stayed in her memory for a lifetime.

Ken, Jr. and Mona Lesa have since acquired Sky Chalet and continued operating the inn and restaurant with great adoration and laborious love. In 1995, they were pleasantly surprised with a wonderful gift from God, a daughter - Moriah. Because the demands of operating a restaurant, although exciting, are relentless, they then ceased operating the restaurant and leased it out, and continued operating the overnight lodging. They were again blessed with another child in 1999, a boy - Kenneth III, (his daddy calls him Bubba). Later, the restaurant ceased operating indefinitely. Moriah, age 16, and Kenneth (Bubba), age 12, are fasinated by some of the stories that their parents tell of those "restaurant days"!

The Seay family now occupy the "Summit Lodge", more known as the "Wright House." For various reasons, the only other building on the property still operating is the "Loft House", also called the "A-Frame" or "Treetop Lodge." The Seay's have recently expanded this building, and completely renovated it. It still has a mountain theme on a mountain top with woods and solitude surrounding it. However, it now offers the conveniences that many guests have requested through the years. As an added bonus, the Seay's were able to clear out some of the trees around the "Loft House-A-Frame-Treetop Lodge" and the views from most of the rooms are magnificent. Previous guests that have stayed in this building will be pleasantly surprised to find that this lodge now has spectacular views that now can be compared to the rest of the awesome views on the Sky Chalet property.

The inn and spirit of Sky Chalet has been ongoing for 72 years now. As an old Sky Chalet postcard in the 1950's said (with a 1 cent postage stamp), it is still the "Mountain Lovers' Paradise."

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